Haydn plaque to be unveiled 24 March 2015

On Monday the Advisory Committee of the Haydn Society met to discuss the Society and the specific issue of the Haydn plaque. The committee – (right to left) Anthony Halstead, Derek McCulloch, John Hewitt, Antony Hodgson and director Denis McCaldin – spent 90 mins talking about various issues.

The important news to come from this meeting is that the 18 Great Pulteney Street plaque will be unveiled on Tuesday 24 March. Consequent arrangements will be sent to members and guests but the unveiling itself will be open to all-comers. The time, yet to be confirmed, is likely to be in the middle of the day.

Denis McCaldin with the Haydn plaqueAt the weekend the Denis McCaldin came to London to see the plaque which was delivered the week before. He visited the site on Great Pulteney Street where the plaque is to be installed, also noting the position of the former Broadwood & Sons piano workshops across the street where Haydn was a welcome visitor in the 1790s. He also brought details of the history of the Society which will be incorporated into a special commemorative edition of the Society Journal.

In fact this has turned out to be an important week for Haydn. Not only has the Society been brought up to date but BBC Radio 3 have designated Haydn as their Composer of the Week. Donald McLeod presented a series of five hour-long radio programmes on Haydn (in Esterháza). You can listen to them all again via the BBC iPlayer.

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