Haydn Society Journal No. 40

Haydn Society of Great Britain director Denis McCaldin with the 40th Society Journal

Happy New Year from all of us at the Haydn Society of Great Britain. We are so pleased that – at a time of particular difficulty for all of us – we are still able to bring you our Society journal (right, being read by the director Denis McCaldin).

This near-annual publication has a counterpart in the Newsletters that we will continue to publish online. Do note that we also engage discreetly via our social feeds with the wider community of musicians, especially those concerned with the music of Joseph Haydn and his circle.

If you would like to get in touch for whatever reason then you are most welcome. Please email info@haydnsocietyofgb.co.uk. In the meantime we hope that you enjoy this edition of the journal in this the 290th anniversary year of Haydn’s birth.

Haydn Society Journal No. 39

We are in the fortieth year of the Haydn Society of Great Britain. It is also the most peculiar, largely for reasons that have nothing to do with music at all. Nonetheless there has been a great deal going on, both before and during the social restrictions placed on us by the Coronavirus pandemic, and we are pleased to be able to bring you our 39th edition of the Journal, which our members will have already had electronically.

If anything in this issue of the Journal captures your interest and you wish to respond to Denis McCaldin, do email us at info@haydnsocietyofgb.co.uk